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The graph game is called Bustabit in the UK and social graph in Korea.

The game starts when the graph is drawn on the screen and the batter must stop before the graph stops to win.


It is also a game in which the batter loses if the graph is stopped first.

Graph game can take a huge dividend in the first round from 0 times to tens of thousands of times without real dividends.


It’s a tempting game that you can take a lot with less.

Since there is no dividend, it’s really simple but it’s difficult to dig.

In the case of hand betting, the thrill coming from the fingertips is an exciting game.


Fingers tickle because you have to click Stop before the results stop.

There are two types of betting methods: manual betting and automatic betting.

There is also a script betting method, which can’t be used to prevent script use on the site.


A script is a method of automatically playing a game with a robot program.

The script robot program makes you wonder if you can draw the picture you want.

Manual betting is a way of betting with your hands and eyes.

Manual betting can be fun and high dividends.

Automatic betting is a way to play the game automatically when you set bet / withdrawal ratio / defeat / win.


Automatic betting is not a game to use while checking visually, so use a lot of dividends.

There is a currency exchange rate in graph games.

The official rate of return on the graph site is between 0% and 1%, and it is a structure created by the management for profit.


However, the graph game does not start at the same rate of exchange every day.

It is a misunderstanding if you think that the rate of return is the same every day.


The conversion rate formula is only officially conducted by the UK bustabit or other graph game companies themselves.

Let’s find out what graph game hash values ​​are.

What is game hash value generation?

It is to check the real result of jsfiddle certification site in real time by analyzing the hash provided by the graph game.


In other words, when the graph game is created, the result value is first authenticated on the jsfiddle authentication site,

and the game starts with the predetermined result value.

What is hash value manipulation?

If you try to search the hash value on the jsfiddle authentication site in the game,


the hash value provided by the authentication site and the head office is different.

This means that the result is not already determined, but in real time with the stop button on the game site,


the result is generated in real time.

Incorrect or unviewable sites by searching for hash values ​​should not be used.

If you use the graph game site, please check the hash value in real time.

If the results are matched in real time when viewed in real time, you can judge that there is no operation.


I will explain the common mistakes of beginners in the graph game.

1.If you do not see the graph game section and start betting immediately

This is because the game section automatically generates a hash value without anyone knowing what pattern to come out every day.


When you start betting, take a look at the section first and find out what pattern you are currently on before you start betting.

2. Please check the amount of money you have when you start betting.

You will need to know how much you will bet against your reserves and if there is a reserve to recover your principal if you lose it.


3. Do not bet on each successive round.

If you place a series of bets you are likely to lose money.

You need to start betting as you analyze the pattern / segment.

4. If you start betting, psychological changes will occur.

If you start betting, you may win and lose.

If you win, you will be confident and if you lose, you will be impatient to recover the principal.


If you start betting, there will be a lot of changes in your mind.

This will shake the betting rules for your bet.

It is only a matter of time if you bet continuously in this situation.

5. Game start time is 5 seconds.

I can’t think of a lot of betting in 5 seconds.

Pattern / Principal Recovery You won’t have time to think about how many dividends to stop this round.


6. The automatic bet is set to the desired amount / dividend / Martin dividend.

Just click the start button and it will automatically start and stop the game and play it continuously.


If you bet on auto betting, you can win.

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If you are so lucky, why play graph games?

Just buy a lotto and hit the jackpot.

All games should not be lucky.

Please avoid automatic betting.

There is a betting method called Graph Game Martin / Routine.

So let me explain what Martin / Routine is.

Martin / routine only applies a lot when lost.

Ex) 10,000 bets-I will explain on the assumption that you will stop paying 2 times


What is Martin?

Martin’s betting on the same payout is called Martin.

Let me explain with an example of Martin.

Ex) If you lose 10,000 won, the next round assumes you will bet more than 20,000 won for the recovery of the principal.


20000x2 = 40000 Then you recover 10,000 won in the previous car and add 10,000 won.

Martin is able to take more dividends in addition to recovering the principal.

Routine is to pay a small dividend with a large amount.

We will use an example as an example.

Ex) If you lose 10,000 won, your next dividend will stop at 1.5 when you place a bet of 200,000 with a dividend or higher.


20000x1.5 = 30000 Then you can recover the amount that you lost by 10,000 won the previous time.

Thank you to the readers who have read this article to the end.

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